Monday, October 20, 2008

Riding a bike?

Monday Oct. 20, 2008
hey hey hey que pasa??
well im in mexico and i got my companion his name is Elder Peredo hes from Vera Cruz and knows a little english so he translates a little for me, and my zone is called Chalco, but my area in that zone is called Atlazalpan and he cover 3 or 4 smaller towns, we live in a town called San Pablo and we travel by bici's, or bikes in america which are the saddest looking bikes ive ever seen haha they look like the ones macy's dad used on his mission and i bet they are that old too! we ride to the other towns which are about a 10 mile ride one way and we usually dont just go over to the other towns once in a while, its usually at least once a day if not more,but i love it, the people are way nice and humble, their humility is amazing i love it, the food is good a lot of chili and beans and tacos and coke! and we eat every meal with a stack of freshly made tortillas which i love!!! tomorrow we are going to the temple to welcom people and answer questions so thats gonna be cool. well there arent a whole lot of people here who want to hear our message so thats a bummer but we keep looking for the elect everday, well the weather here is awsome but its pretty cold at night and early mornings, and from our little town we have an amazing view of the 2 volcanos which have snow on the top but we only see them on clear days, the smog is really bad here. well not much else is going on just work work work, well i love you guys soo much!!!! hasta luego,
Elder Curtis

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Colleen said...

Yeah, Elder Curtis!! So glad you are in Mexico!!! I know you'll love the people and they will love you, how can they help it!! Our love and wishes sent your way for a great mission! love, Steve and Colleen Nicoll
ps I can almost taste those tortillas!