Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st area!

I got a phone call from a woman who asked if this was the Curtis residence. I kinda paused and said kind of....she says well I have your son.... She sounded so sweet, and instantly realized how that could sound. And quickly followed by telling me he was safe at the Mission home and that she was the Mission President's wife. They are Brother and Sister Gary Doxey and are from Salt Lake. They had a great visit with him and she laughed when she told me "you just want to hug him!" She appreciated his sweet testimony and how excited he was to be on a mission. She thanked us for sending such a well prepared young man out to the mission field...I explained it was a group effort. He spent his first night in the mission home and his companion (who is native) will pick him up in the morning. His first area is a town about 25 miles east of Mexico City called Chalco. (We added a map below that you can click on to make larger, or you can zoom in or out) His p-day will be on Mondays and I will get an email then. I'm not sure yet who can email him or who he can email yet, hopefully he answers that on Mon. She said the pouch is reliable, or you can mail actual letter or pictures. If you have some you want to send but are them to me and I can print them and put them in a package from me. He loves to hear how everyone is doing! It was great to hear from someone that would be taking care of him. It's harder than I ever thought to have him gone...I know though that this is so important and the things he will learn will benefit his family for generations. I loved being able to hear his voice this week and hearing how confident and peaceful he sounded. Please keep him in your prayers and keep in touch with him. I know he feels the support and love from such great family and friends.

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JAG said...

Hi. I don't know Elder Curtis, but I came across your blog because I was searching for my uncle and aunt, the Doxeys. Elder Curtis is in great hands. :)