Wednesday, October 22, 2008

how dear elder works

I thought I'd add a page here about for those of you who don't know how it works. If you have any questions call me or put a message here.

The Mexico Mexico City South Mission is part of the Pouch Mail Program. Cost: FreeShipping Method: Pouch Mail SystemContinue reading below to learn exactly how our system operates
What is the pouch mail program?The Church has established the Pouch Mail program to help families to communicate better with their missionaries in countries with poor mail systems. When you mail your letters to the Pouch Mail Department in Salt Lake City, the Church places all the letters bound for one mission in a big package and ships them to the mission through an express carrier service. When the letters arrive at the mission office in the destination country, the office Elders open the package of letters and distribute them to the Elders and Sisters throughout the mission.
How does work with the pouch mail department to get letters to the missionaries?The Pouch Department only sends one package per week to each mission. In order for your letter to go out in a certain week's package, the letter must reach the Salt Lake City Pouch Mail Department by 5:00pm on Friday.In order for to get your letter to the Pouch Mail Department by Friday at 5:00pm, we require you to submit your letter by Thursday at 12:00pm (MST). The Pouch Mail Department doesn't actually mail your letters until the following Tuesday. If you pay for DearElder's Pouch Plus Service ($4.95/month), your letter cut-off deadline is moved forward to Sunday night at midnight (MST). The Pouch Mail Department allows us to squeak in a few letters right before the mission packages are sent on Tuesday morning. Pouch Plus will save you as many as 4 days to a week in letter delivery is fully compliant with the USPS Private Express Statutues. Property postage is applied to all mail delivered to the Pouch Mail Department.

What advantages are there to using to write a missionary?There are a number of advantages to using to write your missionary.
Your letters will always arrive to your missionary as fast and usually faster than if you were to mail your letters to the Pouch Mail Department. This especially applies to those who live outside Utah and have a 2-6 day delay in their mail to Salt Lake. makes writing your missionary much more convenient. It is much easier for most people to sit down and type out a letter--and simply hit send--than it is to write the letter by hand, stick it in an envelope, search for a stamp, and try to run it to the mail box or post office.
Your missionary will actually be able to read what you wrote. --Joke makes communication much easier for busy people and younger siblings who find it more difficult to stay in touch with a missionary.
It makes communicating much easier for those who travel a lot.
It's free, saving you time and money... You can't beat that!
How do I get started?The process for writing a letter to a pouch country is very simple.
Go to our home page. In the drop-down menu, select the Mexico Mexico City South mission and click, "Write Letter".
Fill in the required information and write your letter. When you are finished, click send.
If you sign up for a account, you can access and print your letters after you have sent them. Just make sure you log in before you write each letter. It's that easy!
Click Here To Create A Account

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