Friday, October 3, 2008

10/3/08 email

Friday Oct. 3, 2008

well today was good we went to the temple and i did sealings again, i love doing those, temple work is so differrent when its just you and your companion because your companions become to be your closest friend. its awsome, but i love it. i cant wait till we get our VISA's and head out to the field! i cant wait, ive only heard good things from our mission so thats cool. i saw macen and kellin (these are his friends from high school) so that was good to see some familiar faces. and it was good to call back home i was a little worried you would just sit there and cry but you did good haha lia and sam sound like their doing good. it was wierd to talk to them they seem so much different from 9 weeks ago. but lets see other than that not a whole lot going on just waiting around to see about the visas we are supposed to be next in line but the mexico consolate doesnt like us too much right now so they take their sweet time with everything they do. thats way cool that Dustin and Amy (Cindy's brother and sister in law, Dustin served his mission in Ireland) went back to Ireland, i cant wait to go back down to Mexico City after i get back, you guys better start saving if your wanting to come pick me up down there!!!that would be pretty cool. but i hear from Ray (his best friend is in Guadalajara right now) every once in a while so thats cool. and today we got our 2nd haircut and its a little wierd having girls cut your hair here because we're not used to being around any girls haha but its funny and i cant wait to get out of this place, after a while i think im starting to go crazy confined in this tiny area and with our room being infested with MICE!!! there are all over haha its crazy we had to move all our food up high so it might be safe. other than that it was good to get the package we love getting stuff from the real world, but i know once i leave the MTC im gonna miss it soo much because of the powerfull spirit this place has its amazing to feel it and its gonna be different once we're in mexico and realize thats not what the real world is like but anyways its time to go so i love you guys and miss you
Elder Curtis

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faith celeste said...

This is so awesome Cindy! I can't believe how grown up he is. What a great kid you've got there! I'm so proud of him. Faith