Friday, October 10, 2008

Got his Visa!!!

well hello!!!!!!!!
how are you guy doing? im doing fantastic!! we went to the "Consalado de Mexico" aka mexican consolate!!!! which means we got our VISA's so that was crazy, the first time leaving this tiny campus in 10 weeks its was cool to see the outside world, i cant wait till we get to see a whole new country! so we still wont be able to fly out till probably monday night or tuesday sometime with monday being a holliday and stuff(not sure which holliday i dont even know what is going on outside our little bubble) but i love just knowing when we are leaving for sure this time so thats awsome, so the other day we went to the refferal center to do some chats and i had a lady get on and was saying how she had seen a vision!!! haha kinda crazy, BUT we talked for an hour and a half, and i got her to say that she really wanted to read the book of mormon and find out for herself if it was true and it wa really cool, she was from England so thats always a good day when you get people to make commitments, and also we've been making phonecalls to people who have requested free bibles and dvds and other stuff and now i can make them all in SPANISH!! its pretty cool, i still have a LONG way to go before i will feel comfortable with getting my point accross but im getting there, so yeah im not sure when our flight is or anything so i dont know about layovers or anything but hopefully ill be able to call you guys again, hopefully when Seans around ill try to call in the evenings on your cell phone(that i thought you were canceling???) hahahah but tell me how everything is going in Safford, oh and if you guys are getting forwards from like papa and patty and stuff( i got one today) they are cool to read i wouldnt mind to get Tami and Jays weekly letter or whenever it is, its good to hear about everyone, well its about time to go soo i will talk to you guys later!tell sam and lia i love them and give them a big hug! and thanks for everything you have done so far its been awsome. i love you soo much, tell sean too.
Elder Curtis
p.s. im like 10lbs over on my luggage so ill be sending some stuff to aunt vicki

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