Monday, May 17, 2010


hello family well this week has been good haha it started with a haircut finally it was getting long so now its buzzed back down, and we put 3 people with baptism dates that are gonna get baptized this saturday. we had a new family in the church with us on sunday so everythng was going really good but then changes came around, and im getting transfered, my new area isnt too far from here maybe 20min and im going to a place called churubusco but im not exactly sure where at. so yeah but change is good i like meeting new people but ill probably finish my mission there so thats cool. but i dont want to leave my house here haha im gonna miss all the space and my big closet but thats life hahaha so kim gets home in 6 weeks wow thats crazy how fast that went by, i left before her and she gets home before me hmmm not cool. so yeah not a whole lot of stuff to write about this week and not too much time because i gotta go say goodbye to all the families here so im sorry for such a short letter but ill make it up to you next week, oh and yeah i do catch a lot of crap from the members from being from arizona but they are just messin around.
well i love you guys and miss you i hope all is going good and the move and all, good luck with it all. wish i could be there to help.
Elder Curtis

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