Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Call

well hello again haha so it was really cool talking to everyone yesterday. i cant believe that the next time i talk to you guys i will be back home, only 3 months i cant believe how fast its all gone by. well im happy to hear you guys made it back home with no problems. so yesterday when we got home my comp was saying how much he misses his family and stuff and talking to them made him miss them more because they were just talking about when he gets home and the party and all that stuff but he only has 6 months left so not to much longer, but when i talk to you guys on the phone it doesnt make me homesick or anything it actually helps me realize that this doesnt last forever and i need to focus because talking to kevin, jay, and dustin all say it goes by fast so im more focused on the things i need to be doing down here and i know when the time comes for me to leave everything will work out how it is supposed to. so dont worry about me im doing great and loving every minute of it. so yeah well i dont have a whole lot to write about having talked to you just yesterday, but i love you and happy mothers day. give the kids a hug and tell them i love them.

Elder Curtis
the package if you want to just not worry about it haha i probably wont even be in this area by the time it gets here and then ill be close to going home so dont worry about it and we will make jerky when i get home. plus i eat way to much junk food down here as it is to get more from home. thank you though.

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Trevor said...

Hey Elder, time goes by fast, eh?

Hey there! It's Nikki. I hope your mission is going well. You are doing a wonderful service for the poeple in Mexico. Keep it up! I'm graduating and will be going to EAC this fall. I already have done classes. Love ya!

Aunt Kally here. So I guess you got to talk to a lot of people Sunday. We stay super busy on Sundays. Mark is now in the Prison Branch presidency. We meet for church at 7:00 am - very early. That meeting is only for the branch presidency. Then we go to the Spanish Branch (we moved our records there from a strong prompting in January). We love the Spanish branch. Nikki is working in the nursery - and loves it! Angela just got called to lead singing time.

Anyway - we do that. then Uncle Mark has 2 - 3 hour meeting 12:30. We eat - rest - spend time with the kids for a small bit. then Uncle Mark heads back to the jail to teach for a couple of hours Sunday evening.

So we are staying busy. The store is doing great! We work 6 days a week right now. We finally found a house we can live with and we are still in the process of closing.

We have been volunteering a lot at the temple as Spanish tour guides. We took a family thru that was from Chile. He served his mission there and she was from there. In the sealing room he explained why he wanted to be sealed to her - with their little boy. it was so amazing. We have also done lots of days as ushers. The boys got to put on lots of booties on peoples feet to keep the temple clean. We can't wait for the temple to be open.
Chandler:Hey how are you? I hope you are having a good time on your mission. I bet its hot down there. Hope you stay safe.

Hey, Trevor here, are you sad about leaving, how many companions have you had, have you babtised alot of people? well, i guess you can tell me when you get back, but i heard that missionairys forget stuff abou their missions, but any who, i hope your having a great time in Mexico, well see ya. :)