Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lots of work!

Hey so how's everything going back home? Well down here everything is going great! We have a lot of work going in here and it's keeping us real busy which is good. We have some people that are preparing for baptisms and progressing really good. Last Monday we took a trip up to the zocolo and downtown and did some shopping so it was a good Monday an today we played some soccer and just relaxin cleaning house and washin clothes not as exciting as last Monday but good to relax. So Ray is home now haha that's cool but he's going up to Utah that sucks everyone is up there but it's cool. So changes are coming up and I'll probably get changed but it's all good I like getting to know new areas and new people. So on Sunday we took 3 new people to church it was cool one of them was this Jehovahs witness guy that preaches in parks and in the street haha and we invited him and he was really nice and accepted so he came and said he liked it but I doubt he will come back but it was interesting. Well not much else is going on. Hopefully you guys can figure something our down there haha it's coming up quick. Well that's about it I hope all is going great.
I love you guys

Elder Curtis

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