Monday, March 15, 2010

he got the house!

Well the news for this week is WE GOT THE HOUSE!! haha we are super stoked about that and we are planning a BBQ with the other elders at the house. Some good stuff in the plans haha and our new wards are still awsome anything we need they help us get they are amazing well one ward is awsome the other is just good. But the work here is great we are finding and teaching soo many new families not just single people, so instead of 1 we have families of 3-6ish so it's great and it's really what we as missionaries look for is whole families to save so I am loving it. The worst thing so far is we don't have money to buy gas so we will be showering cold for another few weeks, cold showers since early February haha and we shower at night so the sun can heat the water up as much as possible during the day hahaha trust me it makes a difference at least in my mind it does haha. Well the family sounds about the same 3 steps forwards 2 steps backwards just keep pluggin along little by little it will hopefully get better. The house sounds good and all the holes in my room haha ya not fun but it sounds like it's coming along good I'm excited for you guys. What are you gonna do with all the animals when you move? Alright well not much else to talk about. My comp elder decker and I are doing good just living the dream on the mission. I love it!
Well I love you guys and miss you
Mom happy 41st birthday this week hahaha

Elder Curtis

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