Tuesday, December 15, 2009

selected according to size!!! lol

Alright family. So this week was a great week my new area is slowly getting better even if the work is slow. We had a baptism 2 Sundays ago and his confirmation this past Sunday and then this past thursday i got a random call from our district leaders asking if I could baptize someone in a different zone on Saturday so we checked our plans and agreed turns out the woman who was getting baptized was really nervous and didn't trust the 2 tiny mexicans to baptize her so she said she didn't want to be baptized so they were talking to her and showed her a picture of me and asked if she would trust me to do it, ( because of my size haha ) so she agreed I showed up there on Saturday and as soon as she saw me she got the biggest smile on her face and just said thank you soo much ( she was nervous because of her size and she didn't trust the other elders to do it ) so we did the baptism and her mom got batized right before her so it was a neat experience and she was soo happy. So other than that last Saturday the 12th was the day of the virgin Guadalupe and the day fireworks were going off all over the city so we got on top of our roof 5 stories up and just sat up there at night watching all the fireworks go off over the whole city it was awsome. We had our ward dinner for Christmas and about 45 people showed up which was most of the active ward ( very small ward 50-60 people) and that was good and then on Sunday a family invited us for dinner so we went with them and the dad in the family is an amazing cook he cooked the carnitas last week and hamburgers my first week here and this time it was steak like fillet I don't know but it was really thin cut and grilled with longaniza like chorizo but in tubes like sausage very tasty!!! And after dinner his kids wanted to play monopoly so we agreed and play spong bob monopoly haha and 2.5 hours later I came out the winner!!! Haha it was awsome I love that game. So yeah that was the excitement for this week Monday we went to the mall and just walked around saw the Santa clause there haha Mexican version haha so that was fun and ya another good week. Oh before I forget I think we are going to call on the 24 if that is ok at whatever time you want because the 25 we are super busy and the 24 we are eating at a house where we can use the phone so I will get the number for you and that should be good to go. Just let me know on the time morning afternoon whenever but that's it I love you guys and I'll get a letter for Lia and Sam this week and in the mail next week when we have the meeting. Well that's it
I love you

Elder Curtis

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