Tuesday, November 17, 2009

teaching the gospel

Well this week has been pretty good we are teaching some really amazing people the trick is to keep them going and not get lazy and stop going and that's the hard part but some people are ready and some people need some time but I love it seeing people really get excited about the church it really keeps me going here I'm gonna miss that part especially seeing the people and families that we have taught and baptized and the gratitude they have is amazing. But other than that we got a new ward mission leader and he is awesome and has some really good ideas for the ward to get them involved in the mission work. One of the activities we have planned is we are going as the ward to knock doors in a town to share a Christmas message and get references for us I'm really excited for that to see the whole ward get excited about spreading the gospel so I'll let you know how that goes. Other than that we have 2 baptisms set up for the 28th of this month hopefully it all goes well with them and they follow through. As far as me and my companion go haha we are getting along great he is awesome and hilarious we are always laughing which is good it helps the day seem shorter haha so this past weekend we had our stake conference and we the missionaries as our zone got to sing a special number it was good I liked it and also there was a guy that just got returned from his mission for health problems and he was in Rays mission and turns out they were companions so we spent a while telling stories his name is Elder Blanco. So I gotta write Ray and let him know. But yeah that's crazy that Ross is already home and Trevor is almost home that's awesome you'll have to tell them I said hi haha well I better get going gotta get a little work out in before we leave haha thanks for everything and I miss you guys and I love you!

Elder Curtis

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