Monday, November 23, 2009

speaking out on a combie!

Wow that's so wierd to think that Ross and Trevor are already home that's crazy and next is Landon then Ray and Justin in February and march I think. Time goes so quick but I'm excited to see the changes in everyone. So this week was really good it started on Wednesday when we went to our district meeting and when we got there we saw the assistants to the president there it was a little wierd to see but I was excited because they are awesome elders and always teach us amazing things. So after the meeting they walk up to us and ask us if it's alright if they can come and work with us in our area today.... I was shocked to hear that but said of course I couldn't wait to see what I could learn working beside one of the best elders in the mission so we left and got to work and we started in the combie ( the transportation it's like a van full of people) we were just talking normal when all the sudden he started speaking loudly to the whole van full of people explaining how we are missionaries and what we are here to do to help the people come closer to Jesus Christ and stuff so at first I didn't know how to react and how the people would react but the people were interested and wanted to hear more so we took their info adress and that stuff and ya it was cool to see the people be surprised but then open up and accept and even though not everyone accepted it was a cool experience and when we got off he asked me if I had ever done that before and I said no so he said today is the day... Haha I was nervous but the next time we got on a combie he nudged my arm and said your turn haha it took me a little bit to convince myself but I did it! And it was so hard haha all those people looking at a huge guy talking to them and asking if we can go to their homes and teach their families but it was good and we got some really good families to teach so this week is gonna be a good one. So the rest of the day was awsome teaching everyone and learning from someone who knows soo much so yeah it was a good day and after they came and checked our house to make sure our living conditions are good or if we need anything beds desks chairs stuff like that so it was a good day my comp is gonna get a new bed so he's excited haha other than that it was a pretty normal week just workin and workin but this week on Wednesday we have a conference with Elder De Hoyos of the seventy it's gonna be good I can't wait for that and then this next Tuesday we have changes and I'm thinking I'm gonna get changed but we will know Sunday night but it would be cool to spend Christmas here with the people I've known for some time but we shall see but yeah this coming week should be a good one for us but I better get going I hope you guys are doing good and hope you have a great thanksgiving with everyone I almost forgot it was so close haha no one knows what it is here but anyways I miss you guys and hope you are doing good. I love you all!
Adios y cuidese

Elder Curtis

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Trevor said...

It sounds like your having a very spiritual time in Mexico, well we had a thanks giving party at Curtis landscaping with tons of leftovers, then the day after turkey day my family had a huge black Friday sale at the store and made $1500 (triple what we normally make in a day. we all threw a birthday party for gram-ma Curtis ( eating all the leftovers). well hope your having a great time in Mexico city
From the Efros family we Love you