Monday, October 19, 2009

St. Lucas day

well this week went by pretty quick we barely got changes this morning so tomorrow morning my comp elder perez is leaving and going back to the city so thats cool and im getting another and staying in my area so im happy my new comp is Elder Castillo hes from Peru so its gonna be cool i know him from one of my other areas so i cant wait im finnaly gonna get the good matress and the good desk so im pumped hahaha so thats the big news for today so the other news is last night we got invited by a family to go eat dinner with them to celebrate the "party of the town" (each town has a saint, and each saint has a day and yesterday was the day of st. lucas) so there was a huge party LOTS of food there was tacos of Carnitas its fried pork but the best tacos EVER and chicken en mole which is also super good so it was a great party! then we played some backyard soccer and then went to the center of the town and there was a fair so we were walking around with the family and they were playing games and i won a sweet prize! its a homer simpson piggy bank haha and i wont it by breaking 2 beer bottles with 3 rocks hahah totally my game. and then we played a lot of other stuff and won some sweet stuff and then we walked by a mechanical bull and the family was begging me to get on it so after trying to get away they got me on it haha it was funny i lasted the full 8 and then some and ripped my pants haha it was great and then we got my comp on it for his first time ever it was a good time, then it was the fireworks and they were way cool we were right next to them like 20 ft from them and they were exploding right above us. great time! so other than that we are gonna go with the owners of the tigers and lions to take them swimming! this week we are taking them to a pool and they are gonna swim around for a while and take some cool pics so im super excited for that. but other than that the zone baptism was alright haha our zone leaders planned the whole thing to try to look good for the president but they planned it pretty bad and hardly anybody showed up and there were only like 10 baptisms but it was good it just didnt look good on the zone leaders trying to show off haha but its all good they will learn sooner or later, but other than that we had 4 new people come to church with us and 1 old investigator so it was a really good week and tomorrow a new companion so we will see how that goes, but thats the news for the week well i better get going thanks for everything haha i might have to start training for that police acadamy.... hmmm we`ll see, im excited for it, so this morning i weighed myself and im pushing 325-ish so im hoping to come back in the 2`s so im excited to see whats gonna happen in these next 8 months lots to look forward to. good stuff. well i better get going i love you guys soo much and hopefully you guys figure out this whole safford thing and everyone is supportive of it. well i hope you guys are doing good and we beat safford this weekend! love ya
Elder Curtis

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Trevor said...

Hey, its trevor, WOw the good desk and bed (wish i had one of those). when the tigers go swimming you'll have to get a few pics for me. it sounds like you're having a great time in mexico. OH!! almost forgot the family has been working hard at geting the store open but we're not done yet, but we will be soon. I'll send you some pics soon ( if I can)

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