Monday, October 26, 2009

New Comp Elder Castillo

Well this week has been great on Tuesday we had changes and I got my new comp elder Castillo he's from Trujillo Peru and has 19 months in the mission he's cool super funny so we get along great so this week has been going good a lot of stuff half out area was shut down because people were picketting in the streets and blocked the 2 roads that lead to the other half of our area so we couldn't go there the whole week but it's open now. So the other day the guy that owns the lions and stuff asked if we could help him do a show with the animals at a party for a kid so we agreed and so we helped him get the snakes, I held a boa it was crazy so then we put the lion in the truck and then the jaguar but there was no room for us in the truck so we had to ride in back with the animals but the tiger and jag don't get along so we had to ride with the jaguar!! It was cool my comp got a little scared when it started getting rough with us he thought it was gonna eat us but it just nibbled so at the show the owner tied the jag up to a fence and it was waiting for her turn to go out when a firework went off and she got spooked and got loose and took off but she went towards the backyard and not towards the people thankfully! But other than that the show was good. So other than that the week was good
So the family is gonna sell the ranch that's a bummer I wish they would keep it but oh well it will be easier on you guys but now what's the plan for you guys now. Well I better get going I miss you guys and love you guys!

Elder Curtis

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