Monday, August 3, 2009

hair cut...scalping?

well hello family, so this week has been... interesting to say the least, first off the other 2 elders got taken out of our ward so now we have the WHOLE area and its big, so that's not too fun, we got 2 new zone leaders and they dont get along with too many people haha, we put some good families with baptisms dates so far we have 8 baptisms for august we'll see how many actually get baptized.
so Friday morning i noticed that my hair was getting a little shaggy so i borrowed my comps clippers and shaved my head down to a #4 so then i asked him to shave up the back of my neck so he grabbed the clippers and as I'm checking out my amazing self given hair cut in the mirror he gives me back the clippers while he went to get the other mirror so i could see the back to tell him where i want the line but... in the 3 seconds that he had the clippers he took the number 4 guard off before giving me back the clippers.. so as I'm in amazement of my sweet skills i noticed a long spot right between my left ear and the top of my head so without skipping a beat, OR looking at the clippers i took a good 2-2.5 inch CHUNK OF HAIR OUT!!! we're talking straight clipper NO guard i pretty much scalped myself, and i just sat there in shock as i hear the footsteps of my comp running upstairs warning me that it didn't have the guard, and as he came into the bathroom he turned and ran for his life while laughing until he made it to the front yard and couldn't catch his breath to run anymore and collapsed in laughter... while i am still in shock staring at this huge bald spot in my hair!! so i did what i could i put the #1 guard on and shaved it down as close as a could, so its still there but you cant see it as bad and me being way taller than everyone here it helps but my hair grows fast enough that in like a week it will be a number 2 so until then I'm walkin around looking like a Goober with a chunk taken out of my hair hahaha so that's the funny story of the week.
so then one day we went and visited a recent convert and she asked us for a blessing so we went back into this tiny closet (we were in her store) and my comp gave her one and it was really good and then her cousin who was visiting her came and asked us for a blessing so she asked me to give it, so she sat down and i asked her name and i had never even seen her before, but during the blessing i started talking about her marriage and a bunch of other stuff having to do with her marriage and these tough times she is going through and through prayer her faith in heavenly father everything will work out how heavenly father wants, so after the blessing she stood up and i was kinda nervous to see how she would react to talking about her marriage and never meeting her before but she just said thanks and walked out so it was kinda weird, so after that we left and we were kinda talking about it and my comp kinda asked me about how i felt about the blessing and i just told him i said what i felt and that's all and he just kinda laughed (kinda funny in the moment) so the next day we were working knocking doors in between appointments and as we came around a corner and my comp almost ran into that same lady i gave the blessing to, and she was really surprised to see us she started to tear up and said that our blessing was amazing it was exactly what she needed, and then she kinda introduced herself and told us she is a member but innactive for about a year and how she was going through very hard times with her husband and how she and her baby are living with her cousin (owner of store) because she finnaly got the courage to leave her husband who was abusive mentally and physically and was trying to decide wheather to move to another city about 2 hours away or try it again with her husband and she said this decision had been weighing her down really bad for the past week trying to decide, so she told us after we left that night she prayed for the first time in a long time and she really feels like she got an answer to leave with her mom so she said she will be leaving on wednesday but she wanted to talk to us again before she left so tomorrow on tuesday we have an appointment with her, but that was one of the best days of my mission to see that we really helped someone come back to the church because she promised us she was going to go back to church and i really hope she does, so i cant wait for tomorrow to talk to her again, well that was the amazing story of the week haha hopefully there are many more to come.
well its great to hear that the kids are doing good, does sam start kinder Garden this year? hows lia feel about 1st grade? im really excited about soccer for them haha it should be fun and funny to watch. and the rodeo sounds like a great time wish i could be there. well i better get going, im gonna try to send some pictures of my hair today but who knows but ill try, so i hope everything is going good, and mom i hope your feeling better, take it easy. OH OH there is a lady that i just talked to yesterday in my ward that said she just go back from the oakland temple and asked if i knew the Curtis couple serving there and i was so excited Yeah thay are my grandparents!!! she said Patty took a picture of her for her, its Hermana BuenDia from Mexico, Chalco. so that was really neat, and we ate soo much and soo good yesterday this family gave us a huge plate of fruit, Watermelon, Mango, and "Tuna"(or prickly pear from cactus) its a fruit down here and its good! so we ate 2 plates of fruit then a salad with pomegranites and a mango dressing, THEN 2 huge plates of lasagna and spagghette?sp and then! a steak with bean dip on the side and not just one but 2 servings of steak!!!! with fresh Horchata to drink!!! we were in heaven, and then to top it off we watched the Work and the Glory in ENGLISH!!! this family is amazing they are newly-weds of 6 months and he served in Rays mission. so this week was pretty much the best week EVER!!!!! alright now i better go, i love you guys soo much i hope you have a great week!
Elder Curtis

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