Monday, July 27, 2009

got bit by a dog!!!!

well hows your week been mine has been pretty crazy, we had 2 baptisms scheduled but one backed out again at the last minute so thats a bummer but its just not his time i guess, so the other baptism that we had was an older woman who's nephew is the 2nd counselor to the bishop and has been trying to get her to get baptized but finnally we started teaching her and she started accepting everything and she stopped smoking and she was paying her tithing within a week of our lessons it was awsome to be a part of it i love it seeing the change happen in peoples lives it is amazing. so other than that we had changes today and me and my comp are staying together but the other 2 missionaries in our ward both got taken out so thats a bummer cause now our area is HUGE but we get to use bikes again so hopefully it will burn off all of the tacos hahaha. so me and my comp are taking some funny pictures cause both of our families are wanting more pictures so we trade cameras and take a bunch of random pictures haha so thats good. hmmm other than that its been raining hard core here with like rivers in the streets so thats not too much fun to work in. so the other day we were knocking doors and we were switching off every other door so we came to one house and it was my comps turn but he didnt want to knock it cause there was a big dog sitting right by the door so we went to the next house but as we were waiting i decided to go knock on the door with the dog, so as i walk up the dog looked friendly but as soon as my finger got 2centimeters from the door bell the dang dog jumped up and bit me right on the knee! i was shocked i didnt know what to do so i finally got loose and gave the dog a little kick and turned around to find my comp laughing... not only laughing ON THE GROUND ROLLING!!! hahaha and it was pretty funny it was a classic "i told ya so" moment so that was an exciting day, but other than that i cant really think of much other stories right now but ill tell you some more next week, well i gotta go i love you guys soo much, give sam and lia hugs.
i love you,
Elder Curtis

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