Monday, June 15, 2009

transferred Chalco area

hey hows it going. its good to hear how well sam and lia are doing, i sure do miss them. so yesterday we had the transfers phone call to see who was leaving but my comp had a ton of stuff packed but when the phone call never came we thouhjt we were going to be together another change. so in the morning he wanted to call our district leader to find out for sure cause he really wants to leave haha and sure enough the DL said i had changes ME! i just got here 3 months ago to my 3rd area and now off to my 4th area in 8 months! i move way to much but it keeps it interesting, so last night me and E Smedley were talking about if we both got changed to the same district again how funny and how slim the chances are of that happening but it turns out we are neighbors again! and in the same district. im going back out to Chalco where i started but im in a different area its called Vincente Guerrero its kinda the suburbs of chalco but really poor and dirty a big change from where we are now but i like it out therea lot more relaxed and the members are way cool and humble, so me and smedley are leaving tommorrow and our comps are both americans and we are the senior comps so hopefully my comp knows some spanish at least i dont want to teach him everything because i barely know it! so thats the news about changes, so today we played our last soccer game as a zone and in our last game Smedley came to shoot and i went to block and some how some way my ankle got messed up! i can barely walk on it and it hurts so hopefully it gets to feeling better soon or its goonna be a long few weeks walking on it every day. but other than that i still have to go and pack all my stuff and then say goodbye to all the members so its gonna be a LONG P-Day well othr than that its about it on my side down here i hope you guys have a great week and keep up the good work, tell the hollidays that im proud of them and give lia and sam hugs and i love you guys soo much.
Elder Curtis

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