Monday, June 22, 2009

Elder Perez, new comp

June 22, 2009
hey hows it going? well this week has been very Interesting to say the least. so my comp is Elder Perez, hes from Colorado Springs Colorado and he has a few months less than me so here we are in mexico teaching people the gospel. his spanish is.... well its getting better haha he just isnt very comfortable with speaking it. but in my new area we have 3 towns Clapala, Cuatzingo, and Los Alamos where we live its cool we live in like apartment type things its aton of houses but they are all the same and right next to eachother so its really easy to work cause if we are knocking doors its really easy haha but we have been having a ton of success we have people with baptism dates up untill the 12 of july so now just have to wait and see who really sticks it out and gets baptised its usually 1 in 4 so a 25% success from the people who go to church to getting baptised so 4 people in the church 1 gets baptized, this week we had 7 people go with us to church and we had to pay for all of them it sucked but its good to see them come with us so its worth it. so me and smedley are still in the same district so thats cool. but im pretty sure our new President comes this thursday because we have a mission conference so its like pres Doxeys farewell and pres Chavez is going to talk and interview all of us so that should be interesting other than that its the same ol work just in a new place, im probably 30 min from my first area here so thats cool im planning on visiting them soon. so today we played soccer, volleyball, and basketball for another 5 hours so now im super tired and just want to go to bed!
so what happened with dustin were thay repeling or what i didnt understand what happened? but yeah well i hope you guys have a good time with grandma up there for a few weeks that should be fun. well i better get going im super tired and hungry so ill talk to you guys later!
give sam and lia hugs and i love you guys soo much!!!
love you
Elder Curtis

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