Monday, May 4, 2009


hey, well im really glad lia likes her purse haha i thought it was cool, so wow she sounds like shes doing awsome and im soo happy you guys got her doing T-Ball i was getting worried she was going to become a girly girl but hopefully she sticks with sports! haha sam never fails to make me laugh haha hes soo funny im surprised he actually got milk out of that ol cow haha.
so the influenza is seeming to get better the government here is horrible and the news just seems to make thing worse the people have been freaking out about this virus here but in my oppinion when more people die from this virus than the drug wars and be-headings then we might have something to worry about but the people here are scared about every little thing its getting to be a little much, but yeah me and my comp had been working like normal last week up till about thursday when my comp got the flu and felt horrible but he was convinced he didnt have the virus but we kinda slowed down a lot for the weekend but hes almost all better now so thats good, so mothers day we still havent heard anything about it so ill get on this week and write you a quick letter on the detailes but we get out of church at 12noon here but probably wont get back to the house till about 4ish but still not sure ill talk to my comp this week and figure out the detailes, we have a phone in our house so it should work out good that way.
so tyson is going to Tenn. haha well good for him haha ive been talking to Ray these past few weeks haha hes still goofy as ever but it has been good to hear from him he sounds like hes doing great we are both getting new Presidents about the same time and im really nervous, he is supposed to be super strict and all the elders are worried about getting sent home and i have to say its kinda a scary possibility for alost everyone in our mission! but i hope not, he gets here in the beggining of july. who knows are pres now is super relaxed about EVERYTHING which isnt the best for a bunch of young guys but hopefully it will work out alright.
well i better get going i miss you guys and love you guys sooo much and gratefull for all you guys do for me!
Elder Curtis
p.s. care package... jerky hahaha an option, and throw that cd from my old comp and ill get it back to him, thanks. have a great week!

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