Monday, April 6, 2009

broken camera :(

so yeah my new area is really cool...sometimes haha the bad part is its long and skinny and we live on one side and the church and the members all live on the other side like 5 miles away so thats not too cool. but my companion is from mexico his city is durango its like 5 hours from mazatlan and like 12 from D.F. and today his stake came to go to the temple for the week! haha so we went and saw them this morning, and other than that a super super sad story this week.... my camera yeah it broke!.... hahaha but i took it to this little shop to get fixed so hopefully its not too expensive i dont even know how it broke either i pulled it out one day and it wouldnt focus on anything and kept moving around all crazy like , so i took it too get fixed. other than that my tax money hasnt been deposited yet, how long does it take??? so yeah other than that conference was really good but it seemed like all the story were really sad but other than that really good i really enjoyed it. so yeah Macen sent me a letter a few weeks ago and im gonna send one to him tomorrow. so hows kim liking the ol spanish? if you could find her email for me that would be awsome if not its alright.
so your hearing stories of good ol mexico ehh, well everything that your hearing is true... the newpapers here have 2 things in them and nothing else SOCCER and DEAD PEOPLE thats all there is here it was crazy at first but now its normal but i dont know i dont feel scared to leave my house at night or anything it just feels normal, the drugs are everywhere i smell marijuana every day, the other day our zone was playing soccer and a bunch of homeless kids wanted to play against us and they were drunk and they all had joints ( smoking weed ) haha but nothng has ever happened to me just drunks trying to mess with us but im like 4 times the size of everyone here so im not too worried about anything happening to me plus im a missionary thats probably the best protection there is so dont worry. so yeah we get the Ensign almost every month so dont worry about that. it sounds like you guys had fun at the Zoo haha i loved that place when i was a kid.. heck i still do!! so kim finnally had the baby woo hoo thats good her name is pretty cool haha i like it. ive got 16 months left till i coome back, wow its going by soo fast im not going to want to leave i can already tell but other than that... i think its everything for the week i hope you guys have a good week and tell Sean "Feliz CumpleaƱos!" haha the big 40 haha well i love you guys soo much!! oh and i got that package with my shoe and pants and everything was there THANKS!!!
i love you guys
Elder Curtis

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