Monday, March 30, 2009

Culhuacan (new area)

well well well where to start this week.... sooo my new area, its in the zone Culhuacan and the ward is called Aztecas and our church building is like less than a block from the Aztec Stadium!!! its the huge stadium where we had the cultural event with the Prophet so thats super cool but its a little different because during church you can hear the roar of the 110,000 screaming mexicans LOUD and CLEAR!!! haha so its pretty cool, so our area is alright it is full of hills! up and down and up and down all day long its not too much fun i finnally got my first blister! haha but it might be from playing 5 hours of soccer...hmmm. so yeah my companion is Elder Reyes he is from Durango and he is full blooded MEXICAN! its funny we never have a dull moment together we are always having fun or causin trouble but its fun we were in the same district in my first area in Chalco and we both started our missions the same day so its cool and we get along pretty good. so if you look on the internet for my area look for the "estadio Azteca" my area also has the big University of mexico called UNAM thats in our area too so its cool but the members are super strick haha theyre always getting after us for something haha they are worse than our President but its also good in a way too i guess it helps us stay on task haha so yeah thats the happenings this week in my new area. so also when i got here we had a bunch of really good investigators that had been to church a bunch and everything but my comp and his old comp were scared to invite people to take a baptism date so when i got here that was the first thing i did we went to most of the really good investigators and i put baptism dates with 6!!!! haha so yeah on sunday before the services at 8 we had a baptism of an older man it was really neat, and weve got 1or 3 more this week hopefully. and yeah so im doing really good but really you had a dream about me on saturday night,,,,,(from Cindy - Saturday night I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling that Josh was sitting on my bed, he wasn't upset or anything just sitting there, I couldn't shake that feeling of his presence so I got up and said a prayer for him and tried to get some sleep. I told him about my dream and wondered if things were ok. I don't know if my prayer helped him or not, but it helped me, what a blessing),,,, that night we had a person with a baptism date say she didnt want to get baptized about 45 minutes before her baptism so that wasnt very fun and then our distict leader chewed us out for it so that was no fun, so that night i was really really frustrated, but its all good its the life of a missionary. but i dont know what your hearing about mexico???? i dont really hear anything about it here haha tell me what youve been hearing im curious.... but yeah its not too bad down here nothing too bad has happened to me so yeah but let me know and ill tell you how it is down here in good ol´mexico. well thats that for today
bueno pues espero que tiene un muy bien dia!!!
i love you guys soo much
Elder Curtis

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