Sunday, September 21, 2008

hand written letters to family - Sept. 18, 2008

I'll have to summarize a letter we got from Elder Curtis this week. He really wants some raquetballs to play with in their down time, and here I thought they were working him so hard he barely has time to write. Hmmmm. I guess they have been having massive tournaments in their room. I can't imagine how they squeeze everyone in that room. He is bored of his music and wants more. I'm hoping he will get me his ipod asap so I have time to put more music on it. He put off deleting his other music until like Sat. or Sun. before we left so he didn't have much time to put "new missionary" music on it. He wants some church CD with bagpipes? I'll have to get him to be more specific. A few others are the "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars" and some Beatles without words. I was surprised to hear that they can listen to anything without words. So I better get busy, he loves his music. But....once he gets to Mexico it might be spanish music that he finds he likes better. Oh well, I've got some music and some great talk tapes that we are going to get to him. Feel free to send him some just let me know so we don't duplicate. :) He also is begging for red bulls because there is no caffine in the of course we got a package together. I'm enjoying it while I can in case I can't send him packages to Mexico. We heard they are redoing the Mexican mail system so it will be more reliable. I hope it works. Josh sounds like he's doing great, he is enjoying being at the MTC and is learning so much. I love to see how he changes from week to week. He sent a letter to each of the kids and drew a picture of his room. That really helped them to not miss him so much. Sam didn't like being called a picklehead but really liked hearing from his big brother. Josh had to make sure that Lia knew he wasn't teasing his compainions too much. She worries about it and hassles him in every letter she sends him. We miss him and love him so much! I'm grateful he's doing so great. We got to go to two of his friends farewells today! He will still be in the MTC when they get there and is excited to see them. I love his friends and love to watch them turn into such great men. What a blessing to have so many serving a mission at the same time. Please include Josh in your prayers, he's headed for some serious changes and will need it. Call if you want more information or how to get a hold of him. Dear is still the easiest. I can walk you through it!
We love you!
Cindy and Sean

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Jayderaid said...

I love the blog! I'm so excited for him!