Friday, August 29, 2008

email #3 8/29/08

hey hows it going?? pretty good on this end its been pretty crazy here but i still love it! its so cool to think about how crazy all this would be to someone who is a non member to see people come to this place ,some for 3 months or some only 2 months and to learn a language so they can go all over the world teaching the gospel for 2 years but i love it, im learning soo much and learning how to have good study habbits and how to "work hard" but not the hard work i thought of its the mental and spiritual hard work that we do here that is the amazing part... we hardly do anywork here and im more tired than a full time job, i kinda think of it as we are breaking our spiritual muscles down everyday so that the next day they get that much stronger so by the time we leave here we can help other people start this proccess but for the whole 2 years we never "should" stop progressing and building upon what we already have. its like 2-A-Days training for the best season of our lives!!! and i love every second of it. the spanish is coming good, starting monday we are only learning and teaching in spanish so we'll see how that goes but im not to worried just as long as we are willing to open our mouthes and try, the spirit will be there to fill it with the right words as long as we are doing our part, its an amazing feeling to fell that happen and you dont really notice till afterwards when you realize that you just taught someone for 10 minutes that i didint think i knew anything about but because i was willing to open my mouth and follow the spirit i was able to do that, that is the thing i love most about being here. well anyways hows everone doing? oh a few things i could use in apackage is some more gum maybe some jerky, and maybe just some stuff you think i'd like. ill wright you guys more later and mail it soon, i love you guys!!!!

AdiosElder Curtis

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The Holliday Family said...

Cindy... I LOVE IT.
Way to go: the site looks awesome. The pixs are great.
I forget Josh so tall sometimes.
I am so excited for him, he sounds like he is doing so well and really loving it and enjoying his time studying and learning the gospel. Thank you for the link to his blogsite.
Love - Judy