Thursday, August 28, 2008

email #2

hey family well all is good so far here. maybe more news about whats going on with the world like olimpics and sports cause we dont hear anything like that here. OOHHH and if you guys could tell all the family about my email adress and make sure and tell the Nelsons, ****BUT i still want to get the dear elder mail so that i can write back to those cuz i only get 30 min on the computer and only on P-days. *****anyways so yeah sorry it takes so long for you to get my mail its like 4 or 5 days one way for a letter but ill try to write more often, so yeah i see karri quite a bit and she also got engaged to my districts spanish tutor so that was kinda cool and Elder Bortholomew (THIS WAS ONE OF JOSH ROOMATES WHO KINDA LOST IT AFTER 24 HOURS AND WAS IN THE HOSPITAL) ended up going back home on sick leave for about 2 or 3 weeks he's still a missionary and his call is gonna stay the same and what caused his whole ordeal is he took WAY to many sleeping pills one day and then he had an anxiety attack so they couldnt figure out what was wrong so they did a spinal tap and his spinal fluid was leaking out and causing severe headaches, but he's doing better. now for some good news!! every tuesday night we have a devotional and the first week elder Coleman of the 70 talked to us AND THEN this last tuesday Elder DALLIN H. OAKS talked to us on teaching by the spirit!!!! our district snuck aroung to the back doors of the gym ( my idea by the way) and snuck in before eveyone else cause we were hearing rumors about an Apostle but no one really knew, SOO we were on the first row of the elders!!! so like 5 rows from him cuz the first 4 are for senior couples. so we had better seats than the other 2,300 misionaries who are here right now! pretty cool! so other than that my origional companion E. montalvo is way cool and we get along really good but the new companion we have who is our roomate since his comp went home, his name is E. friend and he is probably one of the most annoying kids i know or ever will know and worse is he is the district leader but everyone is trying to get along with him but no one really likes him. but besides that little part its all good we went to the temple today and it was really cool as usual!! and now we're doing laundry. but yeah the spanish is comming pretty good just slow but its coming, i can understand everything my teachers are saying it just takes a little bit for me to make sentences and stuff but i do it ok. we are already teaching the 2nd and starting the 3rd lesson in english and we have started the first lesson in spanish too!!! sorry there wasnt much to read im in a hurry.
love elder curtis

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