Monday, June 7, 2010

buffet time

wow thats crazy that you guys are actually in safford now, thats hard to imagine, i still remember the day we left haha and now you guys are back again. so down here my week was really good im really enjoying my new area and slowly getting to know it and all the members, so today we had our meeting at 8:30 am to have the afternoon free because we are hitting up a buffet!! haha its supposed to be a good one like golden corral style with steak and mashed potatoes... im hopeing its true i havent eaten a steak in a long time, the meat here is all sliced really thin they dont eat it thick cut, ever. so we are super excited for that. hmm other than that friday we had a baptism and it was really good and went as planned. so yeah life is going great down here, its getting pretty exciting with all the soccer going on everyone watches it, and if they dont have tv they just go to the street vendors stands with like 20 other people and they watch it on a tiny tv haha so people are always yelling fouls and a lot of cus words haha and the world cup is about to start so its getting even more crazy when the national team plays haha they think they are gonna win the world cup hahaha but its fun, soccer is awsome i love it. so me and my comp are doing good and we are getting along really good, i just make fun of him for being soo green sometimes haha and the fact that i go home soon and that he is gonna be here for 3 christmases hahaha he just laughs but he also gives me crap so its mutual, oh so we have a member who brings us cereal every sunday to eat during the week so that got me in the habit of eating breakfast, so if you have the chance to make some granola, my comp and i would appreciate it a lot haha, but the mail here has been taking a long time to get here so im going to get you the address of our house where we live and you can just send it directly to me here. sound good, so yeah thats pretty much it, nothing too exciting, oh we found 2 cool families yesterday haha but they have a lot of problems and questions and the husband was super drunk when we were teaching and he just kept looking at me all wierd and when we left he hugged me and said he liked how i talk haha because i lost my patience and was being really blunt with him and it looks like it helped a little, they invited us to eat on saturday and they want to hear more so it will be interesting. well i fasted yesterday for grandma and hopefully all goes well tomorrow, ill keep her in my prayers.
well i better finish up, i love you guys
Elder Curtis

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