Monday, April 12, 2010

Elder Ramirez

hey family so first things first haha your questions here we get the liahona in english sometimes spanish, no i dont need the talks on cd thanks though. my new comp is mexican his name is elder Ramirez and he is from chihuahua, chihuahua and is pretty cool and we get along really good, its wierd not speaking english because ive had american comps for the last 10 months haha almost a year, and my comp speaks no english so thats kinda good to help me with my spanish. my comp has 3 months less than me so hes not exactly new we both are getting ready to finish the mission pretty soon, when he saw our house he thought i was playin a joke on him haha he wouldnt go inside causde he didnt think it was our house till he saw all my stuff haha he was pretty excited about it. so this past week we have been working really good together and showing him around the area, his old area was way out in the middle of nowhere so hes excited about being back in the big city. so yeah we are doing great here, a few weeks ago we had to speak in church which is still no fun, no way im speaking in 2 wards when i get back haha its a one time deal! so dad got the job in pima thats awsome haha the commute might be longer than it used to be going all the way to pima haha but that would be way cool to buy the house next to the welkers old house. but either way you guys will find the best thing to do and it will all work out like it should. haha its funny that the kids are already complaining about the heat and its only april haha but theyll get used to it. so yeah and in another month we get to talk on the phone for the last time till i get home haha so yeah i hope all is going good for you guys back home and i hope the family is doing better. well i better get going but i love you guys. give lia and sam hugs for me.
Elder Curtis

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