Monday, February 8, 2010


well today i dont have much time so im just gonna send some pictures and a small letter, we have to tech our district meeting today so we have to plan a lesson on how to find people to teach so im sorry but hopefully the pictures will make up for it haha and the scariest thing to happen to me is pretty much nothing ha nothing has happened to me that i can remember just drunks yelling at us in the street but thats just mexico, the rains were crazy it rained for 3 days straight and was super windy it almost blew our roof off because its just sheet metal and our windows aren't sealed so water came in everywhere and there is a window right above my bed so i pretty much got rained on all night the next morning my whole bed was soaked and our house was flooded! and we were without power and water for almost 4 days then the power and water came back saturday morning so we showered and washed clothes and that afternoon it went out again till sunday afternoon it was no fun now our house smells like mildew and is super dirty so we also get to clean today, so thats about it ill send the pics and ya
i love you guys soo much!

elder curtis

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