Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Companion

Well hows it going being back home?? Sounds and looks like you guys had a blast! I miss the SNOW soo much but I can’t complain about the weather it’s pretty much perfect here! It’s nice. Well it sounds like its nice and cold at home and Lia is missing school that doesn’t last for too long, so yeah my new companion..... hmmmm well he’s from just south of the border below El Paso and he’s a super neat freak!!! His first day he spent almost 2 hours scrubbing every surface of our bathroom haha and he sleeps with a teddy bear!!! haha he’s my second comp to do that! but yeah it’s alright we work good together so that’s what matters. That’s funny that Lia misses school I wonder how long that stage will last ha well that’s a bummer Jeff and macy had to work when you were there too bad. Well I’m doing good and enjoying it here I love it! I miss Lia and Sam a whole lot its weird being soo far away for soo long, well mom and dad you guys are the best parents ever I love you guys give Lia and Sam big hugs for me I love you all!
Elder Curtis

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Cami X said...

Wow, cleans AND sleeps with a teddy bear. He sounds super special, yay! This one is going to be good stories. SO excited!!!