Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey family, so this monday is a relax day we are still trying to recover from the waterfalls haha but i loved it so today we are just hanging out with fullmer. so conference was really good, i really liked priesthood session and elder hollands talk a lot! but we watched it at the stake center with everyone else. It was 10 hours, translated into a very monotone Spanish. so homecoming was this week thats cool, thats a bummer that they just played window rock and it wasnt too exciting but thats how it is sometimes haha! so this week we found a family that we are hoping to baptize in 3 weeks of 5 people thats pretty exciting the dad is inactive but wants to come back into the church with his family so i was pretty happy that they found us in the street one day. so the work here is doing good but i havn't heard anything on samoa, but ill look on the internet right now but other than that me and my comp are getting along pretty good and having success but other than that not much has happened haha this week we had a zone conference and our president gave us a quiz on preach my gospel he said we should have it memorized by the end of our mission so im excited to study it more, another thing in my interview i asked him about school and going back a change early and he said to check the dates and stuff and to tell him at the changes on the 20th because he needs to talk to the mission dept. to clear it. but im pretty sure thats what i want to do and a bonus would be the 4th of july and the 24th and to figure out school, but thats what im thinking. so what do you think about that. but other than that thats all i can think of right now haha im sorry my letters are so lame. alright well ill talk to you later
i love you guys and miss you, give hugs to lia and sam
love ya
Elder Curtis
hey im not sure what the waterfalls are called but they are right bext to a town called san rafael so maybe you can find em. As far as the clothes thing right now im good with clothes but a cool tie i wouldnt mind, but not a boring one, its gotta look good haha. and dont worry im not gonna be dumb about the most important decision of this life! haha you gotta trust me at least a little bit, anyways i gotta gobut ill think of anything i want for the package and right you again so you know thanks. Hey what day did nana die? I got a letter from her dated the 19th and a check. It meant a lot to me. love ya

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