Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy season/ plans

Hey fam so this week has been really good. On Sunday we had 4 investigators come with us for their first time and they liked it so that is awsome looks like we have some baptisms compng up this month probably like 4 so that is pretty sweet. Other than that I can't believe papa and patty are home that is crazy. How are they? Are they different or pretty much the same. So yeah if you could get the life story of nana for me that would be great. That's awsome so many people showed up to her service. So this week me and elder perez are doing good I'm pretty happy about being with him another change we do have it pretty good together being both Americans it's fun although I do get along with the mexicans they are sometimes difficult so it's good. So on a differnt note the weather here is pretty wet every morning it looks so be a bright and sunny day but every afternoon and night it rains and rains so we get wet a lot but it's better than 110 in phoenix! Haha.

So lia is not enjoying the first grade very much haha and she can swim thats impressive, so hows sam doing with being at home all day?? is he excited for next year to go to school? soo what happened to dads truck?? did he drop a tree on it?? haha thats a bummer and now its competely dead... doesnt run anymore?? wow thats not good. so chelsey and richard had to move out, did they get that house finished in time to move into or what, or are they buying a house out buy bernie's?? so have you guys thought of where abouts you are wanting to live down there?? out by dustin and amy would be cool and quiet, out by the kemptons as well, or in thatcher i like it over there, haha just wondering if you guys had any options you were looking at?? hows the real estate market going is it expensive? i had always thought of buying a house when i got back, by the college and rent it to students so they could help make the payments haha random ideas i have, but still an option for me, i have thought about where i want to go to school, more options in mesa but family in safford, steve johnson is not teaching anymore so thats a big downfall to EA and i have been thinking about going back and playing football at mesa... so who knows, what are your thoughts on all of that?
so ther than that im doing really good, i have just over 13 months in the mission and its going by soo fast its crazy but i love it, i got a letter from trevor the other day it sounds like he is doing good, he comes home soon right?? so next time you see chess or shane puch them for me and tell them quit being bums and do something and go on a mission!! haha well i better get going sorry its short today i try to tell you guys everything but my mind goes blank and starts wondering when i start writing haha but you get most of it haha. well i love you guys soo much tell lia and sam i love them and to be good or else....
thanks for all your support your the best!!
Elder Curtis

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