Tuesday, September 1, 2009

early release?

hi, so s is going to the north, lucky kid. so this week has been good we put 4 people with baptism dates and had 3 families come to church with us so thats always a good day. so today on our p day we had to go work in the morning so that kinda ruined the day because we went to meet this guy to teach and he never showed so we wasted a lot of time and money on our one day a week to enjoy normality, and a lot of other stuff happened that pretty much ruined our day, so other than that we did eat some panda express china food GOOD and my comp got panda AND burger king haha he eats soo much and like 2 cones, haha so other than that... im still trying to get the package together to send home so be patient haha
so hows the family doing? im not sure what's going on but my advice from what im hearing is just mind your own business and let the others do what they want and hopefully they will see that its not the way it should be done but i wouldnt suggest trying to make people change, i know i dont work like that, when people try to make me change i usually rebel and do anything but change so maybe thats how the family is just try to lead the way and set the example and hopefully the others will follow and realize for themselves that something has to change, so thats my little Dr. Phil moment hahaha
so h is getting big eh... we'll see about that when r gets back in march and can beat up on him haha oh so serious question time.... what do you think about me coming home 6 weeks early to go to school...?? ill get back on August 11th and school would start a week later, or i can talk to my president and see about going a change early (6 weeks) so i can find housing and do all the paperwork before school starts ive been really thinking about it for a while now and im kinda in favor of doing it, coming back early. but i still have to clear it with my boss aka the president, so thats what im thinking but i just want to hear your thoughts on the matter, well i better get going sorry this letter is kinda lame, ill get a good one to you next week. i love ya and have a great week, give lia and sam hugs and tell em i love em! i miss you guys haha 11 months( maybe only 10, coming home early hahah) i love you
adios y cuidense,
Elder Curtis


Richard and Chelsey said...

Cindy my thoughts on josh coming home is that he should stay the whole time. You guys will be here and you can enroll him in the classes he wants and even find him housing for the first semester or depending on where you guys are he can live with you. Richard came home like two weeks after school started. His mom went to class for him and took notes until he got back. that way he didn't miss a semester. So i think that it could work coming home a week before school. just my thoughts

Sean Rickert said...

It's hard to say where I stand on this...he'll do what he thinks is best. You know you could write him and share your thoughts as well as a couple of pics! He's doing good in spite of looking so far ahead.