Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sight seeing p day

I waited all day for my letter...Mondays are pretty emotional! I know he's busy and has things to do and there may come a time when I don't get a letter. We have been so blessed that Josh sends us great letters each week. I just need to know that he's safe and ok. Finally I got a short letter!
- Cindy

hey today we went sight seeing in downtown today so we just got back after being in traffic for a few hours soo im going to be writing you guys tomorrow with my actual letter, im really sorry to put you guys off but its really late. well i love you guys soo much
elder curtis

So on Tuesday we got this letter!

hey! how are you guys, so yesterday was crazy busy we went to the city and went shopping for some little stuff and just to hang out and get out off the small towns haha so we went to buy some ties for the other 3 elders i was with and then to some "tiangies" those are like a market where you can find ANYTHING so we bought some cool stuff and im trying to get a package ready to send home so if there is anything that you guys want you should tell me, i found some cool leather scripture cases but they are about $80 i dont know why soo expensive but im still looking, i almost got some crocodile skin cases!!! i still might!! haha there is everything here. so then we went to the central plaza and took some pictures and some some street performances like break dancers and stuff and then we found this china food buffet for 50 pesos so like almost 4 dollars haha and it was pretty good haha we ate a lot and then we walked through the cathedral again and then we went and visited a family that me and Elder Fullmer know from our old areas so then we started the long ride home so as we were waiting for the bus to pick us up we were waiting on the sidewalk of a major avenue in the middle of the city and the cars were flying by and one tried to cut across all the lanes and there was an accident and they about hit a big group of people waiting on the other side of the street so its pretty crazy, thats my 3rd big accident ive seen since being here haha this city is a little crazy sometimes. so yeah other than that, on saturday we had a mission conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Gonzalez (presidency of the 70) and our area president, so an apostol and 2 seventies it was way cool we got to shake all of their hands and take a picture with them, and elder Johnson and his wife said they know our family, they saw my name tag and asked if i was from arizona.. and where i lived and they know round valley too! so its a pretty small world but the conf. was good we got to ask a lot of questions to them about doctrine and that was the best part. so im starting to get nervous again about this new president , hes starting to send a lot of elders home, so im trying to all i can to not get sent home but who knows, so in my package is going to be all my "world" things like DVDs and CDs, and i hope you like the good old "Seinfeld" and "Friends" because i bought ALL of the seasons of both of them haha a lot cheaper than the states. and some movies that i have gathered over the past year. so just so you know what will be in the package and if you want something special tell me now because i gotta get it in the mail in like 2 weeks hopefully, what might the kids like?? well thats the happenings soo far but i better get going but i love you guys soo much and tell lia and sam i love them and hope they enjoy soccer, well i love you guys and have a good week, bye
Elder Curtis

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