Friday, July 17, 2009

slow week

well hello, so this week was kinda a slower week for us not to much success but we have some really promissing families. but our new president is here but i havent met him yet but everyone who has is saying he is the law on the rule book and is enforcing the part in the hair, and has sent a kid home already so hopefully all goes well, our zone conference is the 15 so ill meet him then.
other than that like i said things were kinda slow this week and we didnt get the kinda numbers we were hopeing for but we are still one of the top companionships in the zone and our zone is leading the mission in baptisms so thats cool.
so it sounds like its going alright i sure did miss the rodeo and all the excitement. well thats a bummer about the mtc and families but it was kinda getting out of hand with huge groups of people going in but we made it haha
well i hope i answered all your questions this time haha im sorry it gets busy here but ill get better at it
i love you guys soo much and hope you have a good time at the reunion im gonna miss it
love you
Elder Curtis

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