Monday, July 20, 2009

answer to prayers

well hows it going family... im doing great so we have our new president and we had our conference with him, but before i tell you about that i want to tell you an experience.... so you know how i was kinda nervous for the new president well that last week i decided to really pray about it to help me feel better about this new changeso last monday night i said my prayers and i was just laying there and my mind was just wondering around when i just got this feeling, a really good feeling and i felt and knew that this new pres. was going to be great and that i was going to be just fine so going into the conference i was so happy and couldnt wait to meet him, i figure having pres. doxey for a year and learning all i did from him in that time and now i have a new opportunity to learn from another man chosen to teach us and guide me on my mission so it totally changed my opinion and now im looking at this as an amazing opportunity to learn soo much more and thats what i went into the conference thinking.... and WOW i learned soo much and my interview was great, Pres. Chavez is an amazing man and i have so much to learn from him... so thats the new info on that part.
so other than that i totally miss the reunions, i wish i couldve been there, i loved that reunion spot up at Goosberry hill, i still remember my first reunion there haha so how is the family doing? and what is this store that kally and mark are doing?? so im doing good me and my comp are getting along pretty good so that helps and other than that its the same ol stuff Work Work Work! so other than that not much, well i better get going, i hope you guys have a great week and i love you guys soo much!
i love you,
Elder Curtis

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