Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hey hey well this week has been pretty good it started raining this week and it will be the rainy season till about september off and on so its pretty good to get something besides the heat but i like the rain it is something different, but it goes from bright and sunny to thunder and rainy in like 30 min its crazy so we have to be prepared for everything haha a taxi hit a puddle the other day and soaked us so that was no fun but people are still dragging this influenza crap out its getting old but whatever so this week in the church we had an awsome sunday with 4 new investigators and 3 old investigators which is a pretty good week for missionaries. we are looking to put some baptism dates this week. so today we went and played soccer for another 6 hours!! and even played a little basketball and the americans totally dominated the mexicans it was funny! so you guys got lia and sam on the same soccer team thats cool tell them to practice up for when i get back haha well other than that this week has been pretty normal nothing super exciting we have zone conference tomorrow at 8 with the President so im looking to learn a lot with him. well that it, i hope you guys have a great week! i love you guys give lia and sam hugs
love you
Elder Curtis

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