Monday, April 20, 2009

family sealings!

wow well it sounds like you guys had a good time at the Grand Canyon im happy that you guys got to go see Chris, Nekr and family im sure the kids had a good time together and wow you guys even stayed in a tent thats impressive haha. So how was Safford? hows the family doing down there? hows the work going for Jay and Dustin? and Grandma is doing better thats great to hear! im soo excited for Adam to go through the temple that is soo awsome i wish i could be there soo bad but im here helping people do that very same thing for the people here and loving it, and the family is getting sealed that is soo awsome to hear. just this last friday we had 2 recent convert families get sealed in the temple it was awsome one was our Ward Mission Leader and his family and the other was his daughter and her family it was soo awsome our mission leader reminds me of dad, he got baptized like 8 months ago and this has been his first calling and he is awsome.
so this week has been good a little crazy trying to get everything ready for the 2 families that got sealed on thursday night we were setting up tables and chairs in the church and didnt finish till 1:30am then friday night after the party we were cleaning up and me and my comp were outside picking up trash with 3 of the youth in the ward when 6 drunks staggered by and started talking about our church and their very "different" opinions to say the least but we did our best not to listen to them but that seemed to just make them more angry untill they started throwing their beer bottles at us and saying all kinds of language trying to get our attention and one almost hit me in the back when we were walking away. me and my comp were almost ready to go teach them a lesson or two but that wouldnt have made the situation any better. so when we finnally got done it was 2:30am so one of the members was taking us home along with some other youth when we dropped off one of the kids we started talking with his family and another drunk came walking by and looked up and me and said " WOW! your freaking huge! how tall are you??" haha so me and my comp started talking to him and he kept offering us alcohol so we decided to teach him about the word of wisdom and gave him a pamphlet and invited him to church and he seemed interested because he said he really wanted to change, but we talked to him for probably 45 min and then he almost got in a fight with another drunk that came by begging for money haha it was hilarious but he asked if he could get a picture with me so ill send you the picture i got with him this week haha it was a funny night but we didnt go to bet till almost 4 am but the parties are over and now everything is getting back to normal but yeah so my week was a little crazy but fun. well i better get going we are going to do service for a family helping them prepare fire extinguishers haha its cool so yeah i hope you guys have a good week and have fun this weekend down in the valle del sol see if you guys can get that package i sent if its there yet haha alright well give lia and sam hugs tell them i love them, i love you guys!
Elder Curtis

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