Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A good week, Baptisms!

hey well this week has been good we had some baptisms! It was a family of 3 but one of the kids got super nervous and didnt want to go through with it so we couldnt really force him to even though we wanted to. haha But im sure he will with some time, so yeah we had 2 baptisms on saturday. On sunday was stake conference and a member of the 70 came with his wife, Elder Wickman and i talked to his wife after and turns out her dad grew up in St. Johns her maiden name is Farr. So yeah it was way good our president even spoke so yeah all in all it was a good week. So yeah today we went to the Zocolo and went into the huge cathedral there and took some sweet pictures so I'll send those later today (we didn't get any pictures :( )or next week not much time today. Oh but ask seans parents or papa and patty if they remember a boxer from the 50's and 60's named Gene Fullmer well I'm good friends with his son here in the mission he's from Utah, haha kinda random. So yeah this week we've got 2 or 3 more baptisms so I'm super excited the work is going really good im loving it here! So yeah thats wierd that Nathan Gleave is gonna be a dad thats way wierd haha but good for him. So yeah other than that kinda a normal week here oh so the yard sell yeah you guys better not sell any of my JUNK! haha I'll go through it when i get home only 17 more months haha so this next week is gonna be good we are working hard trying to get our goal of 10 this month but its going by way fast haha but we are trying. So thats good to hear Lia is doing soo good with school haha hows sam doing does he get to start school this year or what? Well i hope you guys had a good week and try not to get too stressed out about this school stuff it will work out "just take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will work out" quote of the week haha well i better get going i love you guys sooo much and all you do for me!!
Elder Curtis

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