Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday plans and Soccer!

so yeah i got the tax stuff, ill take care of that this week and get it sent out, haha yeah i need to get better at taking pictures of ME! haha i just dont think of it. but yeah im loving it here it is the best time of my life! so yeah this saturday its my BIRTHDAY!!! woo hooo im going to be 20! dang im soo old this sucks, but my birthday is going to be the best day ever! its going to be full of food and parties! haha there are 6 different families that want to have a party for me haha its gonna be crazy but im excited, the people here in this area are so amazing its gonna be a sad day when i have to leave here, my comp will have to drag me out!
so lets see this week has been soooo awsome, we have found a lot of good investigators and we are going to be working hard to get our goal of at least 10 baptisms this month, thats right TEN, 10. before we have transfers on the 24th of march, so who knows, i think we can do it, weve got 4 weeks! DO WORK SON!!!
so wow Jay andTami with number 8!! that is soo awsome. its wierd coming from a family where i have tons of family, cousins and stuff to here where the families are small, 4 kids is a BIG family so thats a little different but its all good,
so the Efroses are really going to europe for 3 weeks wow that should be fun, its good to hear that grandma is doing better. So yeah i liked the stuff you sent of my friends it’s good to see them, they look good it’s going to wierd when we all get back a lot changes in 2 years.
so this week we havent had any wierd food but my favorite food here is the tacos on the streets there is type called "tacos al pastor" pastor is a meat from pig i think and you eat it with slices of pinnapple, and WOW it is amazing youll have to see if you can find a recipe or something or just wait till i get home so i can show you guys REAL mexican food!! i love it! most of the time, im getting sick of chicken, they eat it all the time. I WANT A BIG STEAK!!! numero uno #1 when i get back, prime rib! haha i miss good meat. anyways now im hungry, were going for tacos al pastor after this hahahaha me and my comp are getting along great! so lia has messed up teeth huh that sucks for her!! sam is still on the cowboy thing haha i hope he grows out of that, soon haha. well it sounds like your getting frustrated about stuff.. i know how tough it is but i know youll get there just have confidence in yourself and know that you can do it and dont doubt yourself soo much. it takes time, so yeah you only have about a month till the big 40 hits ya its good for you, somedays i feel 40 its not fun haha but its life and i love you! Yeah im getting the dear elders but it takes a little bit to get them, haha so story for today, its P-day so our zone went to play soccer at this court under an overpass it was way cool so we were playing for a few hours when a group of guys came up and kinda "challenged" us to a few games so we agreed and began playing and they were pretty good but no match for 19-21 year olds haha so it was a pretty agressive game and they were getting really frustrated cause we were pretty much dominating them and i ended up hurting this guy that tried to run in to me im not sure what he was thinking but he went down hard and i thought i broke his arm! but it wasnt so that was good so we ended up hurting 2 more of their players haha so they walked off the court haha it was sweet and we had a pretty big crowd watching so it was fun, good times, alright well thats that, the weekly shabang of my mission i love you guys soo much!!!!
les amo
Elder Curtis

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