Monday, December 8, 2008

special transfers!!!

wow this week has been sooo crazy, so first we had divisions on tuesday so in the morning we had a few meetings and then i went to Chalco with an elder who is one of our zone leaders Elder Sanchez, and it was crazy! we taught 7 really good lessons with some good families and then we did a lot of contacting in the streets because there are soo many people in the streets so we found 11 NEW PEOPLE!!! and they are good too it was such a big difference i loved it everyone we talked to accepted us to go to their house to teach them more another day so that was sweet! so then we headed back to our house that nght and we got a phone call from the zone leaders at 10 15pm and they said they had big news...... we had special transfers!..... so i figured my comp was leaving but they said i was leaving!!! i was soo happy and then they told me my new area was the delegation(delegations are like the burrows of new york harlem and stuff except there are about 15- 20 in our part of districto federal so its a huge city)..... Iztapalapa in the Quetzal ward, and so now im in the actual city, its in the districto federal about 30 or 40 minute metro ride from the Zocolo which is like the center of the city so its really cool and my new comp doesnt know ANY english so thats cool i like it, and his name is Elder Benavides hes from Monterrey Mexico and has been out 20 months, he goes home in march so thats cool, so his last comp was in my same group coming here and apparently they really didnt get along at all so thats why we had special transferes but everyone here compliments me on my spanish, they are surprised when i say ive only been here 2 months, everyone says like 10 months haha so thats cool i love this language its soo much fun to learn something new and be in a totally different culture and learning new stuff every day! sooo my area is really big! we have about 3-4 million people between 3 companionships so its really cool there are soo many people and they are the total opposite from my other area. these people want to learn so much about our church and are soo kind, so in my first 5 days here we set 7 baptismal dates for this month! and there should be plenty more i love it. so yeah that 16 year old girl from my old area, we convinced her parents to let her be baptized so that shouldve happened this past sunday but i got transfered, so yeah its going really good i LOVE LOVE LOVE being in the big city! its soo fun our area is one of the more poor areas of D.F. and one of the more dangerous but no one has messed with me yet haha so yeah thats the news this week and i put all my photos onto CDs so sometime this month ill get those sent out, the pictures are just kinda random pictures of stuff but oh well ill give you something to look at and put into scrap books and stuff well im not sure when ill be calling but when i find out ill let you know well i love you guys soo much thanks for everything haha i like the christmas pictures of you guys! give lia and sam hugs and kisses well peace out!
te amo!!! mucho!!!!
Elder Curtis

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