Thursday, November 13, 2008

Temple Rededication

well this week is going to be soo crazy we have soo much going on with the temple and stuff, today we had the usual district meeting and then tomorrow we have zone conference with a few other zones and then thursday is just work and friday more work and then saturday we are going to the Aztec Stadium (i think its the 2nd biggest stadium in the world or something) for the cultural event and like 6 whole missions are going to be there(the 4 missions from Mexico City and Cuernavaca and Toreon) with us to sing some songs like Called to Serve so thats going to be cool i cant wait and President Monson and Elder Eyring are going to be there and a bunch of other stuff is going to happen there too, then sunday its the rededication so yeah crazy busy week, so this last week our president gave us some bad news...... we cant use the......... crappy bikes anymore! its kinda not good cause or area is kinda big and so now we have to pay to ride in a combie (vw bus or taxi)to the other towns so were going to be poor now but other than that i was sooooo sick on saturday i was throwing up and stuff and i dont know why so bummer but other than that its just the usual well see ya later! love ya
Elder Curtis

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